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10th anniversary of Bones: M312 Special Edition

Bones is celebrating! For 10 years Bones has developed and sold the Milestone and other products for the blind and visually impaired.
Bones celebrates the anniversary with an exclusive special edition of the Milestone 312. It is limited to 3 x 100 units worldwide. The special edition stands out due to its unique design. The upper shells have been refined extensively with 3 unique designs by German designer Felix Blum. The outcome are beautiful Milestone designs, which not only are visually attractive: due to a special 3D-printing process the designs are also tactile. The special coatings are produced by TopCoat, a Swiss company specialized in surface refinement. The coatings are of highest quality and its scratch-resistant surface assures a long-time pleasure with that exclusive device. The Milestone 312 anniversary edition comes in the following 3 designs:
  • Design „Arts“: „Arts“ is a composition of colors and handwritten letters applied as a palpable layer over the silvery shimmering background of the Milestone case. It consists of blue-green aquarelle color trails on the lower loudspeaker area, converging with a splatter of dense violet spots, extending from a burst located in the middle of the right of the case. Wild violet arms reaching out towards the left arrow key are interrupted by the plain silver control buttons. The color composition of green, blue and violet is interwoven with a delicate black handwriting on the lower right part of the case. This handwriting is boldly printed again in the upper right part of the case, aligned horizontally. Modern painting combined with romantic elements result in a style full of atmosphere.
  • Design „Tribal“: „Tribal“ consists of a spirited floral arrangement, fanning out from the right upper corner in all directions, ending at the bottom of the Milestone case. The intricate tendrils and leaves transition seamlessly into different shades of blue. Their inherent dynamic is only interrupted by functionality embodied by the silvery control buttons. The blue tribal upper layer of the design contrasts with the black matt surface of the background, which is again pervaded by shiny black tendrils and leaves, only perceivable from a certain perspective, providing a discreet and mystic effect.
  • Design „Bloom“: „Bloom“ is designed as a two layer picture. Grey blades and leaves arise like graceful shadows all over the silvery sparkling background of the Milestone case. The main motive is applied as a thick layer of extensive brilliant-red blossoms shooting from every side of the case, combined with thin blades with star-shaped crowns. The center of this design is the left arrow key immersed in a red sea of blossom. The powerful contrast between the silvery canvas and the red floral ornaments is inspiring and full of life.
In addition to its eye-catching designs, the special edition contains some more benefits: All the devices in this series are fully equipped; in addition to the standard applications „Audio“, „Books“ and „Alarm“, the optional applications „Speakout“, „Radio“ and „Agenda“ are included. As if that wasn”t enough, the devices in this series contain an exclusive stopwatch feature integrated into the „Alarm“ application. It measures time accurate to within a tenth of a second and announces the split time. The limited edition Milestone 312 is delivered in a classy wooden box, labeled with an individual number reaching from 1 to 100. Each design is strictly limited to 100 pieces. The number on the box identifies its content as one of the 100 devices of a special edition design. Furthermore, the owner of this exclusive anniversary edition Milestone will discover even more special edition details.

The special edition Milestone 312 can be ordered from your Bones dealer starting in May 2013, but remember that edition is limited.