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Ping Pong

Transmitter / Receiver System.

Where is the exit here? How far away am I from my mailbox? Behind which locker door can I find my sports bag? Finding your way around is child's play with Ping Pong! Place the Pong receiver at the exit or in your mailbox or put Pong in your gym bag. Use the Ping transmitter to trigger a sound signal during Pong. Now you can get to Pong through acoustic tracking. The range of the Ping remote control is 20 to 40 meters.

  • Choose from a variety of sounds the one you like best, the one you can hear best or the one that simply fits best. Pong offers over 30 different sounds. Do you just need a short beep or would you rather hear birdsong?
  • With the volume control you can adjust the selected sound in 9 different levels.
  • You can place several Pong receivers within one reception area and address them with just one Ping remote control. That's why Ping has three buttons corresponding to three different channels.

  • Pong is powered by disposable batteries, by connecting a USB-C plug and by an internal rechargeable battery. The disposable batteries last for three months with average use, the internal rechargeable battery lasts for around a week. Pong reports a low battery level. Ping has a built-in button battery that can be easily changed.

    Go to the support area of Ping Pong.

    Spezification Pong.
    • Reception frequency 433.92 megahertz, OOK/ASK modulated.
    • Built-in speaker with 1 watt power.
    • Built-in lithium polymer battery 4.2V with a capacity of 850mAh.
    • Batteries for power supply: 4 x AA (1.5V).
    • USB-C connection for ongoing power supply and for charging the built-in lithium polymer battery.
    • Housing made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
    • Dimensions 150mm x 92mm x 28mm.
    • Weight 250 grams, including batteries.
    • Weight with packaging 420 grams.

    • Spezification Ping.
      • in progress.