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Bones AG is proud that we can now provide you with a huge product database for Germany. Its amazing features are:
  • More Products: The product database currently contains 22.8 Millionen items (October 2014)
  • More data: Additional to the basic information such as product name, weight etc., there are millions of items in the database that contain supplementary information. On the one hand, these are ingredients information shown through a traffic light rating system, on the other hand, these are price information, which show the lowest street price as guidance (lowest price as of the creation time of the database).
  • Frequent Updates: The database will be updated monthly. Currently it is growing by thousands of items every month.
To update the Milestone with this data, we have a Windows application, that directly connects to our server. An internet connection is necessary for this. To download the application and for more information about the installation and usage, please switch to our Support Area.