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PAVIP Transport

PAVIP Transport is an information and navigational system in the public transport for visually handicapped people. The following idea of a user experience with PAVIP Transport gives you an impression of how this system shall help its users:

You reach a bus stop and grab your Milestone 312 with the PAVIP module. You scan over the front of the time table and receive acoustically the information at which bus station you are, which bus lines will stop here, when they appear, what the location around you looks like and much more information. You open the point „bus lines“ on your M312 and choose the line number 7 to the train station. When the bus line 7 is 100m in front of your station, you receive a signal acoustically or over vibration that your bus is near. The bus stops in front of you. With a push of a button on M312 you open the door of the bus. A discreet acoustic signal from the bus entry helps you to locate and find the bus door. While sitting on the bus you get connected to the bus system. You have now further information available on your M312, as for example which is the next bus station. You can also look ahead and request all the following stops of your line 7. If you come to know that the next station is yours, you can activate the bus stop request over Milestone and when it arrives, again activate the acoustic help to find the door. If necessary the system can also give out information about the design of the bus, for example hurdles (steps) when you exit. Or in the train where the toilets are or the diner. When you have left the bus you can again scan the time table. You can inform yourself about further bus connections or just get some information about the area around you.

This PAVIP system is an important concern of Bones Inc. The idea is to launch a standard system for public transport and to make the same information available for visually impaired and blind people as sighted people have. We see this as an important piece of the puzzle of navigation. A first trial of this capacious project was developed in the city of St.Gallen in Switzerland. The appropriate infrastructure has been built up for the local bus network.


PAVIP Transport is a first step of a bigger vision for a transportation and navigational system for visually impaired and blind people. A second step would be the expansion with information and navigational points on populous places in cities. This would activate the system point-wise besides public transport. A last step would involve satellite navigation to build bridges between these information points and complete the information and navigational system.