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Downloads for Milestone 312 Ace

Download newest Software

Copy file to memory card and let Milestone do the rest.

Download Manual Download Alarm clock sounds
Copy file to SD memory card, Milestone does the rest. Individual sounds can be erased at "Alarm sound" with the erase key combination Mode & Play.

Using LUA for gaming and all kinds of add-on applications with your Milestone
To use Lua, the following file must be downloaded once and installed as a copy on the SD card (library for Lua): Download >>
Sample Lua programs for Milestone 312 Ace:
Black Jack, the well-known card game, in German, English and French: Download > >
Adventure game "Find your next dragon", in German, English and French: Download > >
Lua programs are launched in the audio application. Navigate to the Lua folder and use Left/Right to find the corresponding program. It is announced with "Lua" and the name. Playback starts the program. A broadcast ends with Selector-Rec if the author intended it, or the more difficult way with Selector- and Left plus Play plus Right.
An important document to read in Lua at Milestone can be found here: Download >>
For the die-hards among us, here is the Lua on Milestone reference manual: Download > >

Download Webradio lists
Copy file onto a SD card, your Milestone does the rest. You can access your list by pressing left when in the menu "filter by content". Webradio links last checked on: 18th march 2022.

Information Audible Activation on Milestone

Detailled instructions to activate and use your Milestone with Audible audio books are found in this file: