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Software Extras for the M312

Software Extras are optional applications for Milestone 312, which can be purchased from your dealer. The following is a list of software extras that are already on the market:
  • Speakout: Speakout is an integrated RFID (radio frequency identification) reader, which can read RFID tags. You can label objects (CDs, medication, clothes) with a variety of those RFID tags and Speakout will identify each tag’s RFID signature. For every tagged object you can record a voice message. The next time you scan the object with its tag on, Speakout will play this message. There is no limit placed on the length of the voice note so you can record as much information as you require. More information on Speakout can be found in the „Speakout“ section.
  • Radio: The built in stereo FM tuner integrates automated channel searching, direct frequency input, channel pre sets and direct radio recording.
  • Agenda: Agenda is a powerful calendar and appointment manager to help you keeping tabs on your busy schedule. You can build up an extensive calendar, which reminds you of birthdays, appointments, et cetera. In addition to typical calendar features you can use Agenda to time special events, as for example recording from radio at a preset time.
If you are interested in any of the Software Extras for Milestone 312, please ask your dealer. They’ll be happy to explain them and if you decide to purchase one, they will help you install and activate them on your device.