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Target of the Pharma project is to allow a safe and autonomous access to pharmaceutical drugs.

In particular, this means to provide the following informations to the users at any time:
  1. Which drug container do I hold in my hand?
  2. What was the prescription the doctor told me?
  3. Further information on the package leaflet, such as side-effects or warnings
  4. Expiry date.
The system uses Milestone 311 with Speakout-module or Milestone 312 with activated, internal Speakout as technical solution. However, general technical interfaces were implemented, so that other end user devices can be used likewise.

Scope of project and limitations

As a first step, the system’s focus is on drugs under prescription. They are available at pharmacies. For this project a field test was carried out in summer 2007. The results you will find under following link „Pharma field test“.