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The Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (SFB) operates an electronic kiosk that offers daily newspapers for download to visually impaired people. These newspapers can be accessed in a structured way. Milestone 311 and 312 fully support downloads of these newspapers, including structured, hierarchichal access.

Compared to reading news on regular internet pages, the electronic kiosk has the following advantages:
  • Completeness: Unlike most internet issues of daily newspapers, the electronic kiosk contains the full text of all articles.
  • Ease of operation: Reading newspapers and journals on the internet or with scan engines can be a tedious activity for Visually Impaired People due to graphical links without written text, constant changeing of page layout, usage of „funny“ text fonts or not feasible colors.
The electronic kiosk has a constant, simple user interface that was developed to match the needs of blind people. Therefore, after a short introduction training, also seniors get along well with it, even if they had no previous experiences with PCs. Experienced users like the search function for text, particularly for the TV and radio program.
More and more newspaper and journals are being transfered to portable players that support MP3 or even the DAISY format, so people can listen to content whenever and wherever they want - independent from a PC.