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PAVIP Audio Guide

PAVIP Audio Guide or in short PAG is an information system which can be installed in museums, zoos, theme parks or art exhibitions. PAG enriches the information availability of those recreational and cultural offers by an acoustic component and prepares the information sighted people have available for visually impaired and blind people.
When a PAG hand-held unit is moved over an information point it gives out appropriate acoustic information. As an example the visitor can listen to a description of an art object’s visual appearance. Also hystorical backgrounds and thoughts of the artist can be choosen. After a quick scan process the user can select indiviually between those information and listen to it regardless of the location. This communicates a more extensive visitor experience to blind and visually impaired users. But the enlargement by acoustical information does not only serve an additional benefit to visually handicapped person. For example, in an art exhibition the sighted or not sighted visitor’s point of view can be expanded by an interview of the artist, or in a zoo animal sounds can add more color to the animals behind the glass. The idea is to experience more and to do that individually tailored.
By the usage of headphones PAG can also be installed in quiet location.

More detailed information you find under „Audio Guide product flyer“.